Let me take some time and tell you a little about myself.
My art has been my best friend since I was a child,
starting with coloring, then to getting in trouble for
drawing on any and everything. I went from drawing what
kids draw, to what seems like now days later, drawing the
same kind of things but meaner looking and more distorted.
As my imagination kicked in, I began adding things like wings,
tails, horns, skulls, and flames, along with deeper darker
shadows.  What my great grandmother Irene came to call
my dark art.  Over time as I my art began to change, so did
I and in a lot of peoples eyes I went from being that
talented kid in school who was going to someday be
someone to the strange kid everyone was so worried about
because of the images in his art. They made me feel as
though what I was drawing, which normally made me feel
great, was now wrong and that meant something was wrong
with me as well. Irene must have known what was
bothering me because I hadn't drawn anything for days,
when normally I drew something every minute of every
hour of every day. I was lying on my bed one afternoon
after school going through some of my drawings when she
walked into my room, sitting down next to me, she ran her
fingers through my hair and asked me something I will
never forget. Does your art make you happy? I looked up
at her saying simply yes it does and she replied then that’s
all that matters. Isn’t it? With a smile on her face she
left the room. I went back to drawing that day and never
changed a thing no matter what anyone ever said again. I'm
glad that I didn't because it helped me through some
rough years in my life after she was gone.  I have
continued the same style of art till this very day. I have
always hoped to make a living with my art. Instead I have
only made a few dollars here and there. I’ve worked for
people and businesses that would use my art to better
themselves not me. My girlfriend, Cat and I decided after
being used so much, to open up a sign business of our own.
I had worked at one for some years and we thought it
might help us get to where we wanted to be. At the time,
we both worked two jobs; one at a warehouse which was
Mon. through Fri. from 6 am till 3:30 pm, the other a night
club Fri. and Sat. 6 pm till 5 am. There for, the only time
we had for the sign business was from the time we got
home until we went to bed. We worked all the time and as
good as the sign business got, I wasn’t happy or satisfied
with the work I was doing. It was not challenging and it
took no imagination. I felt as though I was loosing myself
because I was drawing less and it began to show in my
everyday attitude.  Irene would be proud of Cat, who is
now my wife, for asking me what will make you happy?  I
simply replied you and my art.  I’m still doing some signs, a
few vehicles and we’ve got one less job now, but with the
help of my wonderful wife who has put up with more than
she should have to and Tra a great friend who is helping
make my dreams come true. I hope you enjoy my artwork
as much as I do. I want to thank who ever you are for
taking the time to learn about me and for visiting our site.
Come Again